Translator Module - ECM
With SenTek EasyCap Conversion Module (ECM) any existing MasterCard and Visa Card Issuer, or Card Processor can quickly become an Amex Certified Card Issuer with very little effort and investment.

Our ECM solution provides translation capability between American Express and any new Amex GNS partner issuer/processor that already issues MasterCard or Visa. This is done by converting the authorization messages from the standard Amex ISO 8583 format to a Visa or MasterCard format;or to any proprietary customized ISO message formats, including delimited or fixed formats.

The ECM module also provides translation from one file format to any other file format, including translation of headers and trailers. This will allow the GNS partner to interchange files without impacting their respective background systems, such as capture processing, dispute and chargeback handling, as well as any other existing
process in place.

These translation capabilities turns into a huge benefit for the new partner by greatly reducing development and integration costs while expediting the time to market for the American Express Card Products.

The EasyCap Conversion Module (EMC) solution was designed to facilitate the exchange of information between entities that use different formats for data on-line, batch transmission and messaging without any impact on performance:
Batch processing are scheduled in accordance to defined timeframes and delivery addresses.T he translation rules are defined between the Issuer and the ECM solution.
The transaction life-cycle follows its normal flow. There is no impact on the operational process, as translation is made in the EasyCap Conversion Module.
Key Advantages
  1. New Partners could complete their GNS certification in as little as 90 days once their requirements are formally documented. This will dramatically reduce the costs of the implementation and time-to-market.

  2. Technical support during the implementation will be educed for both; the Partner as well as for GNS.

  3. Reduced interpretation of GNS Technical documentation.

  4. Less reliance on the Partner's IT department and their software platform provider.

  5. Reduced coding and modifications by the Partner.

  6. The Partner will see a dramatic reduction in implementation cost which will enable more Partner deals and simplify negotiations.

  7. More features can be added to the device based on GNS or Partner needs. These changes can be made remotely.

  8. Easier implementation of future mandatory requirements for Partners.

  9. On-line and batch processing monitoring tool is included in the ECM solution.
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